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It goes without saying that Swagath is at the top of the table when it comes to plastic moulded furniture. While others continue to try matching us, we try setting benchmarks for ourselves and exceeding our own targets. Some may ask, is it just because of our technical superiority that places us leagues ahead of competition? Of course, technical brilliance helps us go the extra mile. But then, what separates us from the rest is our vision. Of being seen in homes throughout the country, cutting across regions and socio economic backgrounds. Where rich and poor, young and old alike, will have a comfortable seat. Since we intend to sit in the hearts of our customers with our furniture and other utility products. Some of our existing customers admit having these feelings when they buy our products.

A long bond of togetherness

An assurance that it causes no harm to the living

No fear of wastage or loss

Convenience, to be stocked and used when needed

Happiness in colour

These make our day.

Why Swagath ?

Staying at the top in today’s competitive – economic scenario takes a lot of hard work. From research and manufacture to marketing, we pass our products through repeated, stringent filters to make sure that only the best products reach you. Several customers are all praise about the quality, designs and other impactful features that Swagath offers them, making them loyal to the brand, in fact not wanting to compromise on any other.

Our USP’s



No Backache

0% Maintenance

Attractive colours



Termite proof

Easily stackable

100% Recyclable

A genuine Swagath product will always carry the promise of great quality, unique design aesthetics and unmatched durability, something that we have always strived to achieve and have been successful all throughout.


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